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Institute for Patient-Centered Design, Inc.

Design with Patients in Mind

Patient-Centered Design Innovation Summit

Thought Leader FAQs

What is a summit?

A summit is a meeting of leaders in a specific area of focus, representing all perspectives that have a stake in the arena. This “mountaintop” experience allows them to discuss the current state of their work and develop vision-oriented solutions, changes and breakthroughs to bring about improvements.

What is the Patient-Centered Design Innovation Summit?

The Patient-Centered Design Innovation Summit is the ideal opportunity for the leaders in health facility design to come together and brainstorm on new solutions for health facility accommodations.

This is a multidisciplinary approach to patient-centered design. With delegates representing hospitals across the country posing challenges to design professionals, the users (patients, families and clinicians) will also be in attendance to share their needs and collaborate on patient-centered design solutions.

What is thought leader?

The thought leader role is to promote lively discussions and the development of real solutions for the challenges that the teams will tackle. Thought leaders will be assigned to each team to help lead the conversations. There is no advance preparation necessary. These roles are unscripted, and will provide diverse perspectives to engage each team in active brainstorming.

Why teams?

Each thought leader has been assigned to a team to ensure that there is diversity in areas of expertise in each topic area (ED, OR, ICU, L&D and Ambulatory Care, with special attention to pediatric oncology) as well as diversity in thought leader categories (Health Facility Delegates, Patient Delegates, Design Collaborators, Clinical Collaborators, Academic Ambassadors).

What team am I on?

Teams are assigned by color. Please click here to view team assignments. If you do not see your name on the document, please email Andrea Hall immediately at [email protected]

Who are the team leaders?

  • Red Team – Kimberly McMurray, University of Alabama Architect Instructor
  • Blue Team – David Allison, Clemson University Faculty and Jules Sherman, Stanford University Instructor
  • Black Team – Tammy Thompson, Savannah College of Art & Design Faculty and Sandra Jungers, Clinical Consultant
  • Orange Team – Dr. Amir Lahav, Harvard Medical School Faculty
  • Green Team – Carole Pacheco, Savannah College of Art & Design Faculty
  • Yellow Team – Dr. Joan Roberts, Fordham University Faculty

What should I be doing now to prepare as a thought leader?

  • At the innovation summit we will be exploring new ideas as well as using new tools. Please take a moment to become familiar with our first tool Padlet Briefcase. Click on, choose at least one of the questions to answer and add to the discussion by double clicking anywhere in the open areas. Your response will be seen by all the other thought leaders instantly.

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